What’s My Rate?

Here’s How We Help You!

Step 1

Fill out the online forms found in the links below to the best of your ability, and we’ll get a back to you within two business days with general rate information. The more accurate the information, the better we can help you.

Step 2

Download and review the checklist at the bottom of each page, print it out, gather the right information, and bring it to us. With the information from the checklist, we can take the general rate we provided via the online forms and verify that the information is accurate.

The more accurate the information, the better we can help you. 

Everyone has a story and we want to know it. Are you in need of a home to raise a family, to start a new life in a new place, or to begin an investment? Either way you look at it, a loan can be an important stepping stone. And we want to help you!

Rates change everyday, sometimes more than once via the stock market. Getting a quote in the morning may be different than the afternoon. In addition, the length of the rate lock can make a difference, as a 45 day rate lock is more expensive than a 15 day rate lock. Once the loan is submitted, the lock can happen, allowing for enough time for any repairs or inspections. Then the appraiser will visit the site, find comparable sales, and work up the report.

  • A purchase requires source of funds for the down payment, closing costs, pre-paid interest, and the impound account for property taxes and fire insurance.
  • A refinance usually puts the costs of the loan into the loan amount, so all the money needed up front is the appraisal cost which can be put on the credit card.

Below are the common items we look for when we meet with you in person. On our website, we’ve made it ultra easy to tell us your story by filling out our online forms and the downloadable checklists that we’ve provided. These online forms cover the following and more:

  1. Credit
  2. Documentable income
  3. Property
  4. LTV – Loan amount to value

Click here to go directly to the checklists.