Dos & Don’ts During the Loan Process

Do and Don'ts

We’d like to offer some tips that may be helpful when you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance your home loan. Above all else, pay your bills and start saving.It’s critically important to pay your bills on time. There’s no single element that dramatically affects the success of an application as much as […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Real Estate Appraisals

Appraisals are meant to help buyers avoid a potentially bad real estate investment.  It’s meant to help the lender determine how much money they will lend (both for purchases and refinancing).  There are other types of appraisals, too—those that determine the assessed value of your home for property tax purposes or determine how much replacement coverage an insurance […]

How Do Credit Scores Work: Take the Credit Score Quiz!

Credit scoring is that mysterious number that is assigned to your when  you apply for a mortgage, a car loan and your insurance company even runs one to determine your premium amounts. So, there’s a new website, created by the Consumer Federation of America and Vantage Score Solutions if you’d like to know how credit […]

Things to Know When Buying Property


When one is buying a property, here are four things to consider: Down payment Closing costs Pre-paid interest Impounds   1.     Down Payment: 0% Down with VA or USDA 3.5% – FHA 5.0% – Conventional 10% – SBA commercial 20% – Non-owner occupied 25% – Apartments 30% – Commercial 30% – No income documentation needed […]

First Time Home Buyer

Benicia Home

Any person can qualify for a first time home buyer program if they do not own any property at the time of closing the new loan or have not owned any property within the last three years. This is true of all parties on the new loan. There are many first time home buyer program loans. […]


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