Refinance Rate

Refinancing Is as Easy as 1, 2 3…

Step 1

Fill out the online form below to the best of your ability, and we’ll get a back to you within two business days with general rate information. The more accurate the information, the better we can help you.

Step 2

Download and review the checklist at the bottom of the page, print it out, gather the right information, and bring it to us. With the information from the checklist, we can take the general rate we provided via the online forms and verify that the information is accurate.


Refinancing a loan can provide some amazing benefits like a lower interest rate or even a shorter term. We’ve compiled some information and created a form for you to fill out if you’d like to know your rate.

When one refinances a property they already own, they usually will include the “costs” of getting the loan within the loan amount. They will need to provide a check or credit card for the upfront cost of the appraisal. The pricing will take into consideration the loan to value (LTV), the amount of the loan compared to the value, and if there is any cash out above 1% of the balance due plus costs.

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. The more accurate the information, the better we can help you.